Your Information Technology Partner

Founded in 2006, Ultimate-STC is an information technology consulting and solutions firm whose primary mission is to provide robust, efficient, reliable and scalable information technology solutions. Based in Sana’a, Ultimate-STC has built a dynamic, profitable, service oriented enterprise, and is positioned to successfully respond to trends and changes in the information technology industry.

With years of combined information technology experience, our personnel are on the cutting edge of IT development and design best practices, and are constantly refining their comprehensive skill sets. Ultimate-STC’s custom solutions and user interface innovations are constantly reinventing state-of-the-art standards in desktop and web-enabled software development. We have a proven track record of development with many organizations, and are committed to our reputation as an innovative and reliable firm.

We are a fully Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, the highest level of Microsoft Certified solution partners. We are certified in the following competencies:

  • Custom Development Solutions
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Learning Solutions

By far though, the biggest asset which we bring to any project is our human resources. We have a highly trained, devoted, and committed staff which is focused on producing the best possible results. Every associate in our core development team is Microsoft Certified. These certifications reflect our strength in providing high quality, custom developed solutions for our clients.

No matter the challenge or the obstacles, we endeavor to always use the best technology for a project and employ effective and efficient project management methodologies.  In fact, every project we have been directly responsible for has been delivered on-time and on budget.