Licensing Solutions

From day Ultimate-STC was devoted to help local business and agencies to go for licensed software by raising the awareness of our client of the benefits for going for licensed software.

We have established excellent relationships with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky, ESET, VMware and Red Hat.

Top 10 Business Benefits from Licensed Software

The reasons for buying and using genuine and legal software — as opposed to pirated, counterfeit, illegal or unlicensed versions — go well beyond the principles of ethics and integrity. Buying genuine software makes smart business sense too. Why? Here are the top ten reasons -

1. You’ll receive technical help with genuine software, ensuring reliable support system.

2. You get full instructions and documentation with the product, giving your clarity on usage rights.

3. You get access to updates, upgrades, and security patches, to suit your technology needs and improving your computing experience.

4. You avoid unnecessary IT & cyber security risks to your computers and network, and theft of confidential business information.

5. If you use pirated software, you could face a civil or criminal action under the copyright laws, impacting your reputation.

6. Software piracy has a negative impact on the economy by way of loss of jobs, taxes, R&D and innovation.

7. Having “Legal IT” or in other words “genuine and licensed” software speaks volume about your reputation and governance.

8. Your relationship with the IT partners and publishers improves, creating mutual trust, leading to best bargains.

9. With genuine software, you and your employees get peace of mind, leading to improved productivity and efficient management.

10. You experience a high-level of IT maturity in your organization, making you highly competitive in the market place.